We offer a range of specialized packages for children of various age groups; by engaging them in daily and weekly sessions, along with extensive coaching camps during school holidays.

Our meticulous cricket curriculum aims to develop every aspect of the game, build on existing talent, and create future cricketing stars.We host cricket experts and players, who share their fitness mantra and success stories, technical knowledge in bowling, batting and fielding, whilst motivating the young minds to achieve their dreams. We track the progress of each student through daily match analytics. Thereafter, brainstorming and implementing future course of action for player development with coaches, and providing regular feedback to parents.

*Our all-round cricketing skill development, training programme,and strength area development planners provide innovative yet, measurable learning environment, and equal opportunities for students to develop their on field abilities.

*Our members receive intensive coaching and training sessions to advance all facets of the game starting with increasing fitness levels through strength and conditioning followed by the polishing and fine tuning of skills through one-on-one coaching sessions.

Our programme will cover the following aspects:

  • A strong focus on basic fundamentals of the game
  • Our experienced coaches will identify key areas where development is required
  • Assist with development goals of each individual
  • Concentration routines
  • Tactical development
  • Coping with pressure strategies
  • Match simulation activities
  • Video analysis to aid development and understanding
  • Bowling machine use
  • One-on-one tuition

South Africa Cricket Academy is a high performance cricket center, and therefore the lessons will be aimed at constantly improving the young cricketers level of play. The cricketers will be able to implement their new skills wherever they play the game. The developing players will concentrate all their efforts on mastering the basics before progressing to new skills, while the advanced players talents will be channeled for the best results. The end always justifies the means. The cricketers will become far more confident when playing at school; they will have a better grasp of not only the laws, but also the tactical points that are often overlooked.

DVD footage of a cricketers progress can be made if prior arrangements have been made with the coach.

Practice daily – consistency, hard work, dedication, patience are keys to success

Set mini goal – divide your bigger target into mini goals

Eat healthy food – Be fit

Do exercise – speed, stamina, and strength.

Make new friends – who are passionate about cricket

Control your temper – Use your energy in performance, not in anger

Believe in yourself – get skills and be confident

Virtual practice – watch matches and see how your ideal player play shots

If you’re ready to improve your cricket skills and be your best, apply now.

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