Off drive

Straight drive

On drive

Sweep shot

Forward defence

Hook shot

Pull shot

Square cut

Back defence

Bouncer/long hop

Short of a length

Good length

Full length/half volley

Full toss


Age: 3 to 13 years – Junior program
14 to 19 years – Senior program

The Clinics are designed to help improve players of all standards whilst also promoting the enjoyment and sportsmanship value of the game. Numbers are kept to a strict minimum (roughly 12 per group) to ensure that each individual receives the quality coaching that have made these clinics so popular every holiday.
We strongly believe that players will learn skills and develop to the best of their ability- if they enjoy training. No matter what age group or level, we need to engage their interest. The clinic covers all aspects of the game for all ages. Our coaches will work to a specific program including batting, bowling, fielding, general knowledge and etiquette of the game.
Clinic Features: Agility, balance, co-ordination and speed work drills, Basic batting, bowling and fielding skills development, Net sessions, A skill orientated game, A fun learning environment.

Players to bring:
•Personal equipment (names clearly marked).
•If your kid has all the equipment then he must bring it along, if he only has a bat then that is sufficient. If no equipment, we will supply a bat.
•kid’s age 9 and up will need to bring their own box (abdominal guard). •Packed lunch, water and fruits NO-sweets-sugar/drinks & pies!!!


Get Started

Starting Every first Monday of the school holiday (Monday to Thursday)
Please provide your Town & Province