Do You Have Questions?

This FAQ’s page displays the answers to the most common questions we receive about The Academy, how to contact a Coach, the services offered, payment for coaching and similar topics. To ask a question, contact The Academy via the Contact Us tab above. We will endeavour to answer it as quickly as possible. At this time this is not the place to find answers about technique or your training. Please send questions on those subjects direct to either The Academy or Individual Coaches.

During our coaching you will notice that all our coaches use a similar approach to coaching the basic skills, we love coaching an attacking brand of cricket, while remaining true to the spirit and traditions of the game.  We have clearly defined methods, processes and strategies to coach batting, bowling, fielding and wicketkeeping.

How much does coaching cost?

For coaching that suits your budget look no further.

Although all our Provinces have different rates below is listed our standard rates for One on One Coaching.  Comparatively to other academies we provide cost effective coaching of the highest quality.


Priority for bookings go to students with monthly pre-booked sessions at discounted rates, as follows:

R 1 200 – R800 Mini Membership (4-5 weekly sessions per calendar month)

R 2 400 – R1600 Silver Membership (8-10 weekly sessions per calendar month)

R 3 600 – R2400 Gold Membership (12-15 weekly sessions per calendar month)

Debit Order Option for Mini Membership (10% discount) R 1080

*All our fees are payable in advance.

How old does my child have to be to attend?

The Academy Cricket runs programs for different age groups.

  • Ages 2/4 – 8 Beginners
  • Ages 9 – 13 Junior High Performance Program
  • Ages 14 – 16 Senior High Performance Program
  • 16 and over, Professional Program

There may be some players who are suitable to participate in programs out of their age group and exceptions for advanced young players or older beginners can usually be accommodated.

Can girls attend your course?

We positively encourage the attendance of girls. We also have strong CSA iniciative, actively getting girls to take up the game seriously.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for online coaching resources is easy. Click here to view the sign up process.

Can I sign up for an account and pay via invoice?

Yes, we have two payment options. If you are a school or a club we will generate an invoice. Individuals can pay by debit or credit card.

Once I have an account will I be able to cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time however one calendar month notice is requered annual and annual membership registration fees that have already been paid is non-refundable.

School and club coaching – How can I organise Cricket for Girls to come to my school or club?

Please email to organise a visit or regular coaching at your school or club.

School and club coaching – Does our school/club need to have its own equipment?

Our coaches will bring equipment for all soft ball sessions. The school or club will need to provide equipment for hard ball cricket.

Do I need to playing cricket to come to a program?

No. We welcome players of all ages and skill levels. Only for our advanced Academy’s would you need some playing experience.

When can I come for coaching?

The Academy runs throughout the school holidays. (Except part of Dec/Jan, notified each year)

We DO NOT close on Public Holidays.

Can I attend coaching for just a couple of sessions or months?

Most of our clients come for coaching all year round as cricket takes time to develop. We find that these cricketers grow their games better as we get to coach them through all the ups and downs of the game.  However, we know some clients seek coaching only during specific periods and we are happy to accommodate that.

*We just can’t guarantee that a spot is kept open during away periods.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are a minimum of One hour.

How many sessions do I have to book?

You can book for one session per week or as many as you like however we recommend a minimum of 2 or 3 sessions per week to enable evfective muscle memory, a stronger understanding and knowledge of your biomechanics.

When are they held?

Our coaches are full time and they are available everyday including weekend however the office can only book available times.

Where are they held?

See our locations page on the website

What should I wear?

Official Academy uniform is available, please order in advance before participation.

What happens if I have to cancel?

As we book out the net and coach for your particular session, should you not be able to make the session we require notice of 48 hours so we can cancel or fill your place. Should we not receive 48 hours notice, you will be required to pay for that session.

We have seen some really smart gear worn by the Academy players. Can we buy that gear?

Yes. South Africa Cricket Academy branded shirts, caps, jackets, bags, tracksuits and other gear can be bought by anyone check our online store to purchuse. The Test Cap can only the purchased after playing 5 Academy matches and to be given at a caping ceremony.

I am a qualified Coach and am interested in becoming one of the Academy Coaches. Who do I contact?

Please complete either the Franchise online form or the apprenticeship online form on our website.

Do you play matches?

Yes, we do play matches and Tours

We give preference to our monthly active members when it comes to Games and Tours.