Courses and certificates

For any coach to deliver a program or service of value, they need to be properly equipped, not only with the correct techniques for cricket, but also the ‘soft skills’ of coaching and to be brought up to date with the different changes in the game. New coaches (as well as very experienced ones), often get ‘stuck in a rut’ and end up doing the same things repeatedly which leads to boredom, player drop out and stagnation!

We aim to equip our coaches to develop their own skills from where they are at currently and to open their eyes to what is out there for them to use. We promote a continuous learning environment for our coaches which will then rub off on the players, because we believe that for your student to grow, you must grow first!

All our courses fall in line with the CSA Coaches Academy guidelines and regulations.

Coaching courses

Level I (Basic Skills Coach)

Level II (Intermediate Skills Coach)

Level III (Senior Skills Coach)

Level IV (High Performance Cricket)


Courses and certificates

Mini Cricket (Fundamental Phase)

Orientation Course (Preparatory Phase)


Guidelines, Requirements and Regulations:

Mini Cricket (Fundamental Phase)


This certificate enables coaches/teachers to coach Mini Cricket, the simplest form of the game, to children under the age of 10 years. This is regarded as the introductory level for both coaches and players and coaches need not necessarily have any previous experience.

Course duration:                   10 hours

Evaluation:                            1-Hour Theoretical Examination Paper and a

10-minutes practical per candidate

Certificates are issued to successful candidates upon submission of results by the relevant provincial office.

Orientation Course (Preparatory Phase)

The objective of this course is to introduce aspirant coaches to the hard-ball version of the game and prepare potential Level I candidates. Topics include the most basic laws and terminology of cricket, pitch measurements and technical dimensions, basic playing skills, etc. The only requirement is that a candidate must be at least 16 years of age to attend this course.

Course duration: 6 hours (3 x 2-hour modules).

No evaluation or exam is necessary – candidates receive a certificate of attendance only from the local affiliate office.

Level I (Basic Skills Coach)

The Level I Course is designed to enable successful candidates to coach Basic Cricket Skills and to organise an effective practice/training session for junior cricketers. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age, have a sound understanding of the game and have either attended the Orientation Course or be in possession of a previous Level I certificate. They will be required to obtain a minimum of 80% in the pre-course test and access to a PC is advisable.

Course duration: 18 hours that includes an hour-and-a-half theoretical and practical evaluation.

Certification: Certificates are issued to successful candidates upon qualification and submission of results.

Coaches Academy

The Coaches Academy is managed by the Manager: Coaching, Cricket South Africa in consultation with the respective provincial affiliates, and aims to:


  • Keep abreast with the latest technical developments taking place in other cricketing countries in order to update South Africa’s coaching system;
  • Monitor the criteria of the various coaching levels in order to maintain uniformity;
  • Broaden the base by coaching new coaches;
  • Supply quality coaches to the system.

Courses and certificates …………

The main objective of the Coaches Academy is to coordinate and control the training, qualification and certification of cricket coaches, and the Academy offers the following courses:

Level II (Intermediate Skills Coach)

To register for this course, a candidate must be 21 years of age and either have held a revised Level I certificate (post 2005) for at least 12 months OR be a previously qualified and certified Level II Coach. This serves as an entry level for first-class cricketers and a holder of this certificate should be able to coach any school or junior club side with confidence. The course covers all aspects of coaching and various teaching methods, as well as practice organisation and planning. Access to a PC is advisable.

Course duration: 3-week self-study period followed by a 24-hour course (8 x 3-hour modules).

Evaluation: A pre-course assignment, two-hour theoretical exam and practical assessment.

Certification: 6 months after successful completion of the course.

Level III (Senior Skills Coach)

Experienced and suitably qualified Level II coaches (revised 2005 course) are nominated annually by their respective Affiliates and need to be at least 25 years of age to attend this particular course.

Cricket South Africa (Coaching Department) reserves the right to invite or select individuals at its discretion to enable such candidates to become competent senior club, provincial youth and/or Academy coaches. The course covers technical/tactical aspects of the game and includes more advanced topics and principles of sport science and medicine. Emphasis is also placed on skill assessment methods to assist the coach with individual technique analysis, error detection and fault correction.

Course duration: A 5-day, 34-hour course.

Evaluation: The theoretical assessment consists of a pre- and post-course assignment, a 2-hour written examination and an individual presentation during the course, while the practical evaluation consists of a video analysis section, a one-on-one as well as a group coaching session.

Certification: The qualification and certification process lasts 12 months from registration.

Level IV (High Performance Cricket)

This is the highest cricket coaching qualification currently obtainable in South Africa and is primarily for professional, career coaches working within the national and domestic professional structures. Attendance is by CSA invitation only. The emphasis and focus is mainly on team and individual preparation and game plans, analysing the opposition and different conditions, man-management, strategic management, sports law and the use of technology. Successful candidates will be qualified to undertake cricket coaching at its highest possible level.

Course duration:  2 x 5-Day contact sessions

Evaluation: Detailed pre- and post-course assignments, 4-hour written examination, individual presentations and a practical session that includes opposition analysis and a team discussion.

Certification: 18 Months from start of course.

Standard requirements …………………..

Candidates need to achieve an overall pass mark of 70%, with a sub-minimum requirement of 60% in all sections at each of the course levels.


04-09 May 2020 Level 1 Coaching Course Westgold Primary (West Rand) Schools and Club Coaches

19-22 & 26-29 May 2020 Level 2 Coaching Course Imperial Wanderers Stadium All

04-Jun-20 Coaches Forum Imperial Wanderers Stadium All

08-13 June 2020 Level 1 Coaching Course Imperial Wanderers Stadium All

18-Jun-20 Coaches Forum Sedibeng Region All

22-27 June 2020 Level 1 Coaching Course Sedibeng Region Schools & Community Coaches

10-Jul-20 CAP Camp Imperial Wanderers Stadium Level 2 & Level 3 Coaches Only

17-Jul-20 Coaches Forum Imperial Wanderers Stadium All

20-25 July 2020 Level 1 Coaching Course Central Region Schools & Community Coaches

04-07 & 11-14 August 2020 Level 2 Coaching Course Imperial Wanderers Stadium All

21-Aug-20 Coaches Conference Imperial Wanderers Stadium Elite Coaches

03-Sep-20 Coaches Forum Imperial Wanderers Stadium All

11-Sep-20 Coaches Forum Imperial Wanderers Stadium Hubs & RPC coaches

18-Sep-20 Coaches Forum Imperial Wanderers Stadium Hubs & RPC coaches

25-Sep-20 Coaches Forum Imperial Wanderers Stadium Hubs & RPC coaches

09-Oct-20 CAP Camp Imperial Wanderers Stadium Level 2 & Level 3 Coaches Only

13-15 & 20-22 October 2020 Level 2 Refresher course Imperial Wanderers Stadium Aspiring Level 3 Coaches

22-Jan-21 Coaches Forum Imperial Wanderers Stadium HUB & RPC Coaches

05-Feb-21 Coaches Forum Imperial Wanderers Stadium HUB & RPC Coaches

12-Feb-21 Coaches Forum Imperial Wanderers Stadium All

19-Feb-21 CAP Camp Imperial Wanderers Stadium Level 2 & Level 3 Coaches Only Coaching Education Programme 2020/21 Season

Gauteng Cricket Board Coaching Courses Requirement for 2020

The Wanderers Stadium is a stadium situated just south of Sandton in Illovo, Johannesburg in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Test, One Day and First class cricket matches are played here. It is also the home ground for the Highveld Lions, formerly known as Gauteng.
AddressCorlett Dr, Illovo, Sandton, 2196

A. Coaching courses: Requirements:

Gauteng Cricket Board will conduct coaching courses as follows:

  1. Orientation
  2. Level I
  3. Level II

Venue: Imperial Wanderers Stadium

Level I Course

  1. Minimum age of eighteen (18) years to register
  2. A candidate must write a 20 minute pre-course test to prove their cricket knowledge. 70% pass rate is required.
  3. Modules
    1. Introductory Module – 1½ hours
    2. Five Modules of 3 hours – 15 hours
    3. Exam & Practical evaluation – 1½ hours

Total                  18 Hours          

  1. Theoretical – This information will be provided in written (printed notes) or electronic (Flash Drive) formats depending on the candidates’ access to computers.

Level II Course

  1. All candidates must be in possession of either a revised Level I certificate for at least twelve (12) months or a previously qualified and accredited Level II coach. All Candidates to complete a pre-course assignment which must be handed in on the day of the course. All Candidates to Collect the Pre-Course Material at Bidvest Wanderers Cricket Stadium, 3 weeks before the Coaching Course Start.
  2. Modules
    1. Eight (8) Modules of three (3) hours each – 24 hours
    2. Exam                         – 2 ½ hour                                                                                                         Total                  26½ Hours     
    3. Please Note: All candidates must complete 40 hours of community coaching, is not actively coaching he/she will be provided with the school or club where he/ she will be accumulating the 40 hours upon completion of the 40 hours the Coaching will come and assess and also collect the evident of whether the candidates did complete the 40 hours.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate within six (6) months probationary period from the time of completing the course

C. Important:

  1. All Level 1 & Level II courses at Bidvest Wanderers Cricket Stadium will commence as follows:

Weekday courses:         Weekdays evening courses (Monday – Saturday) – 18h00 – 21h00)

School Holiday & Day Courses – 09h00 – 16h00

  1. Candidates must be attired in tracksuits and takkies (Runners).
  2. Required equipment are as follows:
    1. Cricket bat
    2. Cricket ball
  3. No candidate will be allowed to write an examination if he/she has not attended the full duration of a course.
  4. The course will cost:
    1. Level 1 = R250
    2. Leve 2 = R300
  5. Candidates must fill in the course application form
  6. Any Candidate who confirms his/her availability to attend the course and not Pitch will be liable to pay, for the course

Coaching Education Programme 2020/21 Season

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