Creating the right plan to move the game forward has not only taken careful thought and consideration, but also time and contributions from all organisations across the game of cricket.

Together, we will get a bat and ball into more hands, introduce more people to the power of cricket and show a new generation how to get involved. Each element is important. Each is connected. Combined, they will fuel growth. As we deliver this, we will see Cricket Unleashed. If we create More Play, Great Teams and Inspired Fans, then cricket will thrive. This is our plan for the next five years – its success will be measured by the number of people who play, follow or support the whole game. Guided by Good Governance & Social Responsibility and Strong Finance & Operations, all our decisions will be made for the good of the game.



We will provide more opportunities for kids to play by putting the bat and ball in more schools across the country and by engaging with teachers to integrate cricket more into the classroom curriculum and afternoon activities. We will roll out an ability-based pathway for children that will foster skill development and player progression, but most importantly focus on just having fun.


We will ensure that cricket is at the heart of the communities in which it is played through a game wide philosophy of inclusivity. We will diversify participation with particular focus on women, girls, multicultural groups, those with disabilities and Township communities.


We will grow our clubs and leagues by providing outstanding experiences for all by listening to players with regard to the formats, competitions and league structures they want to play in. We will invest in support roles such as coaches, groundsmen and officials, and in tools that will simplify the management of clubs and leagues.


We will inspire stronger relationships with the game by breaking down barriers and improving accessibility. We will create opportunities for people to play the game anyhow, anytime and anywhere.


Every part of cricket in South Africa is connected. We need to work together to put a bat and ball into more hands, create great teams and inspire new and existing players.


We must all take responsibility for delivering our shared vision for cricket.


We will offer the right opportunities for more people to take part and stay involved with cricket.


We will work with everyone involved to perform better and be the best they can be


We will give people great experiences to enjoy the game and learn the game

Benefits of having our cricket program in Schools

Cricket is a thrill both to watch and to play the game and its importance outshine than any sporting event. The game also encourages team spirit, fosters endurance, manifests discipline, helps to build up character and brings out the quality of leadership.