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Career development is a lifelong process and journey. This is influenced by a wide variety of factors such as personal interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. Career Counselling is a process designed to aid the client in choosing, changing, or leaving a career and is available at any stage in life.

Your future is bright—if you reach out for it by taking advantage of these services.

Without question, young people face many of life’s most important decisions in those transition years between high school, tertiary education, and the working world. Too many students are unaware of sports, education, and employment options. The choices you make and the path you follow should be based on informed decisions.

The primary goal of the South Africa Cricket Academic & the advising program is to ensure each student-player receives the help he or she needs to be successful in today’s challenging Academic & Sports environment. In order to guarantee success, our advisors consult individually with student-player to construct plans for Cricket & Academic achievement and monitor progress. Our advisors assist student-players with everything from high school subjects’ choices, scheduling for the university to preparing for post-graduate scholastic, cricket, and career opportunities.

Among many other resources, the Academy Advising staff offers tutoring, supervised study sessions, standardized test prep, and help to determine post-school opportunities. The Academy career Advisor is available for advising, compliance and student development as well as study resources and group or individual study guidance for student-players.

We believe that every individual can overcome the barriers that they face if they get professional career advice and aim to develop themselves and create growth and development.

All our student-players must balance their time and energy between their roles as a student and as players. Evidence suggests that student-players who devote more time to their cricket pursuits more strongly identify as a cricket player than as an academic-student, and they may expect to continue their cricket participation at the professional level. As a result, our advisors will encourage the development of the whole person as indicated by best practices. Furthermore, efforts spent trying to balance sports and academics often leave student-players with little time or energy to focus on career development.

Our career Services have a wide array of tools and resources to help student-players identify their future goals, identify and market their skill set, network, compile a résumé, prepare for interviews, and find cricket universities, in & outside South Africa so as jobs and internships. Our services are available to all South African students and alumni.

Mr. Dean Mazhawidza provides a professional Industrial Psychology Consultants that specializes in career development for Academy players.

Dean holds an Industrial Psychology Master’s Degree from the University of Western Cape and is a registered psychologist with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). He gained his experience working in the NGO/NPO sector as a Human Resource Consultant at Western Province Cricket Association, Sports Skills For Life Skills and Usapho Foundation. Dean has assisted players/students with career guidance and support by ensuring they choose the right career path that aligns with their interest and motives. He has worked with clubs and academies like Mark Bryne High-Performance School, Hellenic Football Club and Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace.

Before qualifying as a psychologist, he played cricket for Zimbabwe under 19 World Cup team as a batsmen-wicket-keeper which went to New Zealand in 2010. After the world cup, he played a few first-class games and he was granted a scholarship to study and play cricket at the University of Western Cape by Sports Skills For Life Skills.

Dean is always up to date with the latest developments and standards in Industrial Psychology by attending Continuous Professional Development seminars, lectures and workshops. He also keeps up-to-date with the latest university and college entrance requirements, available programmes and bursaries/scholarships. This enables him to provide players with professional and relevant career guidance and support.

Every career consultation aims to assist each individual in making a wise and informed career choice. Services of this practice include:

  • Subject choice for learners (Grade 9)
  • Career guidance for learners (Grade 10-12)
  • Career choice for university/college graduates
  • Career transition for adults (Mid-career- adults)
  • Career guidance workshops for schools, academies and clubs
  • Provide a written comprehensive report which indicates the strength and interest areas of learners.
  • To assist learners/athletes to apply for bursaries and helping them to enrol in tertiary education in Cape Town.