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Team spirit


Team building

Sense of pride

Sense of belonging

For all these reasons and more, our Academy team uniforms, colours, and logos are so important. The neat and clean uniform adds not only a great touch of professionalism but also reflects team’s uniformity. It’s true that when teammates wear sportswear, then they feel more connected to each other. Wearing something that represents the whole team can automatically create unity among them. It will also give strength to them while playing on the field.

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Academy Start Up Kit

The Academy shall be entitled to determine the acceptable standard, behavior and conduct. As our uniform is an important identifying symbol of South Africa Cricket Academy, we urge our players to ensure they wear it correctly and with pride at all times. Full Academy kit (shirt, shorts, socks) must be worn at all times. Failure to bring full kit may result in exclusion from the session. While this rule may seem harsh, we find that players behave and perform better if they are part of a smart, serious programme.
Start Up Kit - Total
R350 Blue & Gold Training kit
R120 Socks
R350 Blue & White playing kit
R600 Tracksuit
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Academy Test Cap

To be purchased only after playing 5 games and to be awarded at a capping ceremony before the game. The capping ceremony is often the highlight of a player's experience, a ``memorable and happy occasion for the players as they donned the cap and pledged to wear it with pride and dignity and in such a manner that it would always bring honor and distinction to South Africa Cricket Academy.
Professional Test Cap